We are a search-based recruiter, pure and simple.

We do not have a database of people seeking employment but proactively find candidates for the role through our extensive range of contacts and by networking within relevant markets.

While this sounds simple, making it happen takes a unique skill set.

We find that people are incredibly helpful if approached and treated properly and are happy to engage with us to reach relevant candidates.

Networking is such a powerful tool and nothing can compete with the combined brainpower and knowledge of a network of people.

We treat our candidates as individuals and take time to understand what drives them. We operate in an environment where two things must happen. The candidate must be right for the job and the job must be right for the candidate.

Every role that we recruit is unique because every business and every appointment is different. We take time and use our experience to really understand what a client wants from someone coming into a role. We seek to understand not only the technical requirements of a role but also the culture and values of a business. When you understand what you’re looking for you can find it.

We meet, brief, and assess every candidate we put forward to a client for the role. We look for a “fit” for both parties.

Everything we do is confidential and discreet.



But what do other
people think of us?

Our client base is hugely varied in terms of size, sector
and location. We have worked with small technology
startups through to multinationals.