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Fred Howie - 07968 086 099


Fred is a qualified accountant with thirty three years’ experience working in the recruitment industry. He has delivered on a large number of assignments across many disciplines and Fred’s experience, knowledge and contacts are the backbone of the business today. His motivation remains as strong as it was when he entered the industry in 1986 and is based on a fascination with people and what makes them tick.

Fred’s focus is on senior appointments, typically Board and senior management roles.

Fred says “Owning your own business is fantastic. You set your own agenda and standards. You define what is the right way to do things and don’t compromise. Being a small business allows us to be flexible and deliver a personal service”.

David Taylor - 07985 624 668


David has been with the business for 7 years joining after he graduated. David has learned how to recruit the right way and represents the long term future of the business. 

His focus is on middle management, technical appointments and senior appointments.

David says “Nothing beats meeting people face to face, it has always been an appeal of the industry, to be able to be client facing and getting out and about to meet people. It gives us a much clearer indication of personality and shines a light on how that candidate would fit into the dynamics of the clients business that an email can’t deliver on. We have less focus on targets and statistics and more focus on understanding businesses and people, doing things right, not compromising and accepting that results will come”.



Coco is one of our office dogs and occasional Director of Security. She is Fred’s twelve year old labradoodle and a frequent visitor the office when one or both of us is not travelling.

Her focus is mainly on sleeping and biscuits.


Bumble is our second office dog, and Coco’s PA. She is David’s four year old pug and visits to the office are limited due to the disruption and destruction she leaves in her wake.

Her focus is mainly on barking, rummaging in bins and causing mayhem.